Piano Class

Hi Everybody,

How’s everything? I hope you are keeping well and safe. I thought I would just hop on to the site to share that I had my first piano class last Thursday.

It probably was the fastest 30 minutes I ever experience in my life.

So I arrived at the academy 10 minutes early, just in case. Like entering any other premises, the MySejahtera QR code scan is a must, and the academy also prepared Google Forms for us students to fill up. The SOP is well maintained at this place, and I felt safe. I was assigned to a sweet teacher, probably younger than I am, at Room 7. I explained to her that I had classes when I was very young. But, I have forgotten most of the techniques I have learnt and would like to start from scratch. I also asked whether she had any other adult students with her, she said she did, but they are always so busy with work. So yeah that’s great, I don’t have that problem.

My Academy of choice

Sometimes it is like riding a bike, you would think you have lost the skills, but after the first 10 minutes, things started to come back to me. But, that is in no way saying that I’m ready to play the complicated pieces. I am back to playing “jingle bells, happy birthday songs”. And I am happy to be playing these songs again, and learn the proper techniques that I have lost after all these years. The teacher brought me through the book, and at the same time she was testing my competency, and there was a lot of things that we can actually skip, which made me quite happy.

You know how I know how much I loved it? It was when she played something for me, something that I can aspect from the class or something that I can aspire to, I was smiling. Smiling so hard behind my mask, because I felt such joy hearing the piano sounds. I can only hope that I’d be there in no time.

The 30 minutes class had ended. And I have another 2 weeks of trail lessons before signing up for 1 term, which is 1 class per week, for 3 months. I also think that 30 minutes is too short, I may signup for 45 minutes class instead. But, I also realised that now I have to try to balance the dates of my classes and my doctors appointments so that it won’t clash. I’m sure I could do it, its just a matter of organising, and moving things around, and also to know what my priorities are.

Ok this is me being super dumb. The teacher asked to buy this book, so I went to the shop and grabbed the first one I saw that had the same cover. And then I realised, the one I bought was Book 2 instead of 1. Luckily theres one over on the Lazada app, and it arrived before my next class.

I am excited to see where this takes me, and how much progress I can make within 3 months, could I actually start playing like the teacher did? With a little bit of guidance and lots and lots of practice,

I am sure I can.


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