Skincare & Me

Lots of women out there take really good care of their skin, and most of the time I don’t really care about it. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a lot of skin problems growing up and I tend to take less care of it. And to be honest, i was kind proud that my skin doesn’t really need that much attention, and probably was being a little bit of a smug about it.

But now I’m in my thirties, I realised that there are significant changes to my skins. I can already see some lines, small skin bumps and the most significant one is all the pigmentation.

I believe pigmentation comes when we do not put on sunblock, and here in Malaysia, we do get a lot of sun throughout the years. I don’t know if it can be taken care of with just some mild skincare products, but I think I ought to do something by now.

So for a bit now, I’ve been taking a little bit of care with some K-Beauty products, although maybe not being too consistent with it. I do love the cleanser from the brand Laneige. The scent is not too strong, and it doesn’t leave my skin dry after a wash. It doesn’t feel too rough on my skin either, and it works well whenever I try to deep clean my heavy makeup off.

Laneige’s Multi Deep-Clean Cleanser

The toner I use is the Forest Therapy Ultra Calming Toner from Always Be Pure. The toner made my skin feel fresh after washing with the cleanser. And it restores some kind of moisture to my skin since my skin is always so dry. It has gotten worst, now that I take the diuretic loop drug for my iPAH.

Always Be Pure’s Toner

But, my favourite from the same line, I would have to say is the moisturiser. The Forest Therapy Ultra Calming Cream Moisturiser is the best. Even though the names suggests that it is a cream, the consistency of this moisturiser is actually more alike to a gel. It makes my skin feels so smooth and the cool chill leaves my skin feeling fresh. It is not at all sticky, which is always a plus point for me in the skincare department.

Always Be Pure’s Cream

From time to time though, I would slap on a mask, if I was feeling a bit too dry. The Laneige’s Water Sleeping mask always a lifesaver. Whenever I put it on, my skin would feel so smooth when I wake up the next morning. But, I have been told not to use this sleeping mask too often, as it would not be effective anymore if you do. So I use it sparingly whenever it feels like my skin needs an emergency rescuing.

Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask

Now, the products that I am currently using, is almost at its final leg of the course. I have repeated the same skin care twice now, and I feel like its time to make a change.

Maybe you could give me suggestions a new skincare line for combination and/or dry skin. Or maybe you could share with me what you are currently using. I would love to know.


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