CORONAVIRUS 19 in Malaysia

I’m probably late to the game, but its been 6 months since the Movement Control Order was imposed on Malaysia, and I realised I have never made any entry to commemorate this awful turn of events.

I was down a few weeks prior to the MCO movement, and I was already not going to the office for quite some time. When suddenly, the government announced its intention to impose mandatory stay-at-home policy for 3 months. So, I quickly had to go to the office to take home all my documents, and my laptop so I could do my work at home. I never thought that it was possible for me to take home my work, because mostly my documents could only be accessed through internal servers.

But, through the magic of technology, it was then possible to access all our documents remotely from home. This made it easier. However, working from home, has its own set of challenges. You can’t really draw the line between working, and your rest time. Somehow it all now jumbled into one big chunk of the day, and you don’t really take 1 hour break for lunch.

As for my family, it turned out to be quite a time for all of us. Since there were 10 of us at home, this was really the first time that we all spend 24/7 together, and we did a lot of activities together when we were not working of course. We played board games, we cook together, and at some point, I think my dad setup a badminton court right in the middle of the hallway. At that point, I thought that my dad was going insane, and it was only 4 days into the MCO.

My mother on the other hand, stepped up her cooking game. This was the time that she would cook up a storm, and try all sorts of new recipes. I think there was not a time that we felt hungry, maybe we didn’t even have the chance to get hungry as we are fed with all the delicious cuisine, my mum cooked for us. We ate everything, even those new recipes that didn’t quite turn out the way it should have been.

Ramadhan in 2020, certainly was very different for everyone, but I enjoyed it to the fullest. Probably the first time in a long time that I was able to join the Tarawikh, as it was performed every night at home. Even Ezeqiel is still asking us, when we will perform the long solat again. Performing the Tarawikh every night, with the whole family, will be something that I will miss now, don’t know if we will ever get to do it again. I certainly hope so.

Eid on the other hand, was very interesting. As we had to abide to the directives from the government in which they only allow 20 persons at a time at one place, we had to be really careful not to over invite our guests. This was indeed really hard to do, as we already had 10 adults in the house at that time. But we managed to squeeze everybody in, because baby Eve at the time was only 2 months, so we count her as 0.167th of a person. haha. We had video calls with the family from the other states, we had our Eid Prayer at home, where Dad gave his very first and heartfelt Eid Sermon. Dad indeed did a great job, and because of that, it made it even more memorable.

Zoom call with the extended family
Eid 2020

Now, a COVID19 post, wont be complete without the mentioning of our frontliners. They have sacrificed their time with their family, jeopardising their own health, to keep this thing out of control. And in true Malaysian fashion, and values, we give a ton of respect, and support and also our deepest gratitude for all that they have done for us. Only Allah SWT could ever repay it.

But, its not over yet, even though we have managed to control it from over spreading, we are not out of the woods yet. One small mistake, could lead to a catastrophe, and we could not afford another round of MCO, as the first one has caused enough damage. So my fellow Malaysians, let us keep our social distancing, wash our hands frequently and wear our masks.

Because it is indeed.



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