My last day as a QS (Part 1)

Wow, how much time has passed since my last post. Now, fast forward 8 months, there are so many things happening in the world, and also my world. The year 2020 has took the turn for the worst because of a pandemic COVID19 that took down even the worlds most powerful country.

But, enough of the outside world, lets move back to mine.

After having served 11 years plus in Gamuda, I’ve made the most difficult decision to step away from being a quantity surveyor. How I came to that decision you ask? Well, lets take you back 7 months.

In February of 2020, after making resolutions (see last post) to take better care of myself, I felt ill. Worst than I’ve ever felt before. I went to see my doctors in IJN, and in Hospital Serdang, just to check why I’ve been feeling so bad. I couldn’t sleep, because I felt like my abdomen was going to explode, and for days, I went through the night staring at the ceiling until I couldn’t take it anymore, and just started to cry.

So the doctors suggested that I do an abdomen scan, just to be on the safe side. It turns out that, my liver is distended and my hepatic veins enlarged due to my iPAH. I wouldn’t even go through the fact that they also found so many other things in my abdomen. So I went back home, feeling defeated and overwhelmed.

Come March 2020, MCO was imposed in Malaysia. We all had to stay home, to help contain from the COVID19 to spread further. We were all working from home, but I still wasn’t feeling 100%, thats when the 1st syncopal episode happened. After waking up from passing out, I took a nap the whole day, and by the next day, I was feeling like myself again.

Fast forward June 2020, the MCO has been lifted, but we were all still working from home, as a precautionary measure, when suddenly my heart rate shoot up to 110bpm one Friday night and continued on for a few days. On Saturday morning, I felt dizzy, and I suddenly collapsed on the sofa, without even exerting myself. I thought that, if I just rest for the whole day, I would feel fine again. But Boy! was I wrong. I fainted again the next day, and my parents decided to check me into IJN straight away, to check why was it happening so often. By then, I felt terrified. Because this has never happened to me before and the doctor also could not do anything, except to give me medication to lower my heart rate. After 9 days in IJN, I felt I was ready to go home.

However, that episode, scared the hell out of me…….

(to be continued…….)

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