Mother’s Day

I don’t know if this would be a controversial post or not, but I know it’ll be a short one. Some people are in the opinion that celebrating Mother’s Day is against the Islamic teachings. And, being a Muslim, I’m kind of a bit bothered by these opinions on the smallest matters, when there’s bigger and more serious problems out there. I mean people are literally dying.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in my opinion, is after all just about making our mothers happy. Yeah, we should appreciate our mums every day, we should treat our mum with respect and kindness every day. But, we are human, and we tend to get caught in our daily life that we forget the biggest things, let alone the smallest things.

I don’t see what is wrong in making our mum feel appreciated, one day out of the 365 days in a year. No matter how much our mum says that, we do not have to spend money on her, that she’d rather we spend our money on ourselves, or save it for a rainy day. I’m sure deep within, she would still like for us to acknowledge her presence in our lives despite our busy schedule. It doesn’t even have to be money. A hug, a kiss, saying I LOVE YOU MUM, on this day, would make the first woman in our lives beaming with happiness. So, take this time, to make a phone call to your mother, just to ask, how’s her day, how is she getting on. Just to let her know, you are thinking about her.

To my own mother, whom I call Ibu.

Happy Mother’s Day Ibu. Thank you for everything you have done for us, thank you for your guidance, love and for always being there for us, and especially for being there for me. I pray Allah SWT bless you with good health, happiness, prosperity, and longevity of life. I Love You More than anything in this world.


P/S : That wasn’t short at all.

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. EnaZamri says:

    Ibu love akak more…asal akak sihat ibu sangat happy.
    Tq for listening to all ibu punya keluhan. Tq for being a friend to ibu.
    Sayang akak n hug akak ketat2


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