Going to Bukit Jalil for Concert

I was fortunate enough to be able to get the tickets for Ed Sheeran’s Live in KL. God knows, I don’t have the patience for queuing up for a ticket or buying them online with high online traffic.

But nevertheless, I got the ticket. And soon, 13 April 2019 was here. The concert start time stated for 8.30pm. But since it was a numbered seat, my brother and I decided to leave home after the Asr prayers, when suddenly it rained like cats and dogs.

We were suppose to meet up with the rest of the party at the Gate at 6pm. But, when the clock strikes 5.30pm, we were still in Damansara trying to reach the LRT station. We chose the Ara Damansara LRT station as it was a covered parking and we were finally on the train by 6pm and I thought yeah, we’ll be there in no time.

We ended up arriving at Bukit Jalil LRT station 7.30pm. It took us 1 hour 30 mins to get from Ara Damansara to Bukit Jalil. I did not expect it to be that long. If we were to drive all the way to the Stadium it may take shorter time, but we would have to park the car at Stadium Hoki, and we would have to walk to the Stadium. You can however park nearer to the Stadium if you have purchased the parking ticket online, but you would be stuck exiting the Stadium after the concert is finished, as everybody is leaving at the same time. So, taking the train was definitely the better choice (the less of two evils hehe), with the rain traffic, the parking situation and you know, me and my complicated relationship with walking.

Travelling by train, I would suggest that you have you Touch n Go card/Plus Miles Card/Rapid Rail card with you. If however, you don’t have one. I suggest that as you arrive at Bukit Jalil LRT station, you buy straight away the token for the train ride home and take it with you to the concert. It was a nightmare to see people buying the token when the concert’s finished. it was a massive crowd where people queuing up to buy tokens and queuing up to enter the station gate all mushed up into one big lump of people.

When you arrive at the Bukit Jalil Station, the Surau is right infront of the station exit. As we arrived just in time for Maghrib prayers, we took the opportunity to pray before going to the Gate. Alhamdulillah, we got to the gate at about 8pm, as I was a slow walker. haha. The climb from the LRT station to the stadium entrance was quite a feat for me, and I wish there were escalators, or lifts to help people like me. I think there was a ramp that circulated the stadium, but that in itself was a big walk and taking the stairs made more sense to me, but what about those with wheelchairs? The disabled access from the LRT to the Stadium does need improvement, or maybe there is, but I was unaware as there were no signboards. Nevertheless, improvements is definitely needed.

Ladies, I advice you to bring a small bag when you go to these concerts. The security takes a long time to search your bag, or you would have to leave your bag in a locker (with charge of course) and that would make your experience less enjoyable. And, if you can, don’t bring any water bottles too as they would also ask you to leave them at the entrance gate and you would have to get them back at the end of the concert instead of just going home straight away.

And don’t worry if you didn’t get the chance to grab dinner. There was a lot of food truck around the stadium before the gate entrance and after. So you’re free to get your food and eat them at your seat. A quick burger or kebab was so good when you’re in a rush. Be sure to bring your trash with you though, as I could also see people leaving them behind, and it was so sad to see that happens. What’s the use of being fortunate to be educated, if you’re gonna leave your trash for people whose less fortunate to pick them up, right?

I was aware that the last train was at 11pm, but naively I was thinking, for sure, they would extend the operating time. They did extend them, so maybe not so naive afterall, but the extension was limited. The concert ended at 11 plus pm, and the quickest I got to the train station was 11.30pm. The train to Kelana Jaya from Bukit Jalil have different operating times than train to Masjid Jamek. I understand that the ones to Masjid Jamek closed earlier. So we were somewhat lucky to have caught the last train. Was not sure about all those people lining up to buy the tokens, did they manage to get to the train in time I have no idea. Eventhough, we got to the train in time, we were also in a pickle when somehow our train did not stop at the Ara Damansara Station, so we had to get off at Kelana Jaya station and Grab our way to our car. We were safely at home by 1.30 am, as we were still hungry and had to stop at the McDonalds for our late supper.


The Stage


My Concert Partner

So, all you need really is proper planning and a bit of luck to have an enjoyable time watching a concert in KL. And with a special disability like me, means more planning need to be put into it. Therefore, I just thought maybe I should share my experience and few tips if you are planning to catch the next concert in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. All I hope is that someday, the public transport network in KL will improve, there won’t be any last trains, and travelling using public transports wouldn’t be such a hassle.


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