I’m Deep Cleaning My Room

This year, I have decided to seriously de-clutter my room, especially after seeing the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. How can you not be inspired after watching that show? Her concept of sparking joy seems so simple but, it’s hard to let go of things and I find myself of having the habit to keep everything, with the notion that “I might need that one day”. But, who needs price tags, old receipts, envelops and such?

I thought that maybe, I’ll bring you along with my tidying up journey and perhaps I could persuade you to cleanse your living space?

First, I started with my study table. I realised quickly that in order for this exercise to be successful, I need to not be afraid to let things go and start disposing things I know I would not use.

My love for stationery started when I was very young. The stationery store, is like a candy store to me and I felt like I want everything they sell. It wasn’t a big problem back then as I did not have the luxury to spend all my lunch money that my mum gave me, I mean, I gotta eat at school right? Now that I have my own money, the obsession with stationery got a lot worst. So, you could imagine the state of my study table, even though I’m not a student anymore.


That’s my study table looking a lot better, and it instantly made me feel like I can breathe better.

Next, I choose to tackle half of my wardrobe, i.e the hanging stuff. Now, I share my wardrobe with my mum, so technically the clothes in there are not all mine. That in itself was the major problem that I face. Its one thing to convince myself to let things go, its a whole another thing to convince my mum. She still keeps her pyjamas she bought when I was 8! So, I had no choice but to downsize what’s mine, and keep most of hers. I did convince her to give away other clothes that I know she hadn’t worn in a while. But I told her, I’m going to see, in 6 months, if she still is not wearing the ones I kept, I’m going to give it away. Harsh? I know, but the clothes that hold some sort of sentimental values to her, I would not touch. I can promise atleast that. Haha

I’ve also been trying to figure out how to organise all my hijabs. There’s a lot, as we girls tend to buy more than 1 of the same colour, under the pretense that, ‘its different shades!’. I’m still like that, as I’m still thinking of all those beautiful satin silk Ducks I’m waiting for my next paycheck to buy. In order to get some inspiration, I watched youtube videos, and see how the influencers organise theirs. That’s where I found a system where they hang all their colour coordinated hijabs. They looked so appealing to me, and I think that it is the best way to go. This way, you could see all hijabs that you have and you wouldn’t wear the same thing over and over again.


I managed to downsize my closet space to fit all the hijabs in my room. I call that a success!

Now, everytime I’m scrolling through Zalora or Fashion Valet website, at the back of my mind, I’m thinking, do I have space in my closet?. I stop myself before I buy, and I’m convinced that my wallet and bank account is very happy with me.

Cleaning my room is a work in progress. I am now searching for what is the best way to organise all my folded clothes. I’m still doing research for the best and most cost-effective way, and more importantly the most practical way so it is sustainable. If you have any recommendations, please do let me know below!


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