Sense & Sensibility

Its been a while since I came on here, or post about something. I thought I should just share about the new (old) movie I saw last night.

I don’t know if I have ever shared my love for period movies, or TV series, but I’ve always loved movies that were adopted from Jane Austen’s novels. So, last night, I watched the  Sense & Sensibility (1995).

Its a typical romantic Jane Austen movie, with beautifully written words and adapted screenplay wrote by the lead female actress. The script, is filled with rich spoken language and I wish that I lived at that time so that I’ll be able to speak that way.

So, the movie’s about the Dashwood sisters, in a financial predicament following the death of their father, because in the olden days, money and estates are passed on to the sons, not the daughters. While their father already entrusted the son (from another marriage I presume), to take care of the sister, but because of the snobbish and cunning wife, the sister ended up with so little money to lead their lives, and was forced to leave their home and move to a smaller cottage.

The elder sister, and middle sister, could not be more different than the other. The elder sister, Elinor is the quiet, reserved and responsible, while Marianne is more wild spirited and free. And now they both fell in love with two different men at the same point in their life.

Marianne, isn’t afraid of showing her true emotions, and went after the dashingly handsome Mr. Willoughby. Its quite the opposite with Elinor, and kept her feelings from Mr. Farrars.

As Elinor is more guarded, she let Mr. Farrars to believe that he was alone in having feelings for each other, orang melayu kata bertepuk sebelah tangan. But, Marianne she went all in the relationship, only to be jilted at the end because Mr. Willoughby is a jerk who’s actually engaged to someone else.

These two contrast characters made me think a lot on which is better? To be careful with your feelings, or you should just jump in, two feet, with no life jacket to keep you safe from heart break?

So how should we act if we were to fall in love head over heels for someone?  The way I do it is probably more like Elinor, but because my life isn’t written by Jane Austen, I am still single haha. Or maybe, I should be more like Marianne, for its better to have love and lost, than to never have fallen in love at all?

But because of my previous bad experiences with love made me more guarded, so I should be like Elinor?

Yeah, I don’t know. What do you think?


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