My Must-Have Makeup Tools

When I first found out about makeup, I went and jumped right in. I bought all the tools I could find, and started collecting makeup like I was going to be a professional makeup artist.

But, the truth is, I had no knowledge about makeup and what I was doing. At that point, I realised, that I had too much, and my spending on it has gone out of control. So, I decided to start to learn a little bit about makeup by reading articles and watching videos after videos on YouTube.

Now that I think that I have gotten the hang of it, I would like to share with you the makeup tools that I must have in my makeup bag.

Foundation / Base

I have gone through all sorts of foundation brushes available in the market, but a beauty sponge is currently my favourite. These damped sponges (yes, you have to give it a good soak before you use them) gives me the best coverage, without it being streaky or too cakey/heavy, because of its ability to soak up products. But, that is also the down side of the tool, as it absorbs moisture, you can end up loosing a lot of products. There’s a lot of good brands out there that sells beauty sponges, but the ones that I have tried are the Beauty Blender & Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.



Thick, full eyebrows are what is in right now. But, I like it to look as natural as I can, without me looking like that japanese cartoon character (you know which one right?). It took me a while to get the best result with the eyebrows, because, even after a lot of practising, I still cannot get it too look professionally done. But, I would recommend using an angled brush and a spoolie with a brow powder over a brow pencil. You can use the angled brush to draw the shape you desire and then use the spoolie, so you can brush off any access so that it would look a lot softer, and more natural.


Any girl needs help to get the look of sweet and natural rosy cheeks. So a blush brush is a makeup tool must have. A blush brush should be a fluffy brush, so you can get a good wash of colours on your cheeks. But, if you find that your blush is too pigmented, you should tap it off, so that you don’t transfer too much product, or you’ll end up looking like an embarrassed clown.


Setting Brush

After putting on all of my makeup, I like to set it with powder. I live in a humid country, and I think that setting your makeup is crucial. You don’t want to end up like you have nothing on your face after a few hours, when you made the effort of putting them on in the first place. A good powder brush would be also fluffy, like the blush brush, because I don’t want to layer too much product after foundation. I find that if you put too much powder, it can make you look like you have tons of makeup on, and I personally would just like to look like me, only more polished.


Eye Makeup

Now this where it gets tricky. There’s a lot of eye makeup brushes out in the market, and it can be overwhelming. But, in my opinion, to achieve the most basic makeup you only just need two. A blending brush, and a flat brush.

A blending brush is tapered and more rounder in shape, to blend the eyeshadow. It can give a more blown-out and smokey effect, which if we are being honest, it is what we want the most with eyeshadow.

A flat brush is what you need to pack on the eyeshadow pigment on to your eyelid. This is the best brush to also put on the glittery eyeshadow, so that it pops!. If you use a different brush, you would likely to lose the colour, and you would have a tough time picking up the pigment from the pan to your eyelids.


That’s about what I need with my makeup tools, and by narrowing things down, it helps me to be more minimalist with my makeup collections, and it is a lot easier to pack when I go travelling. I hope with this basic information on the makeup tools I use, can help you beginners out there decide on what you need.


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